Immortal Green

Our Strengths
The keys to our success are simple: strong leadership, reliable service and quality products. We have a dedicated management team who are experienced, hands-on and collectively familiar with the demands of the industry. Our extensive network of manufacturing and warehousing facilities, which are strategically located at major gateways and ports throughout both Peninsular and East Malaysia enables us to provide our customers with localized service, personalized attention and timely deliveries. Our strong relationships with major fertilizer and agrochemical producers worldwide have enabled us to maintain a steady supply of quality products for our customers. Our products have been tested and proven by generations of farmers, and we currently have over 80 products registered with the Malaysian Pesticides Board.

We believe in having strong relationships and strategic partnerships to achieve a common vision. Our commitment to our customers and our reliability over the years has enabled us to establish ourselves through the "Red Hand" logo as "A Brand You Trust".

Our Mission
The United Nations estimates that the world's population will increase by nearly 50% over the next half century. This growth is expected to be even more rapid in less developed countries. As these nations advance, it is also expected that their population will become increasingly affluent, and consequently, demand more and better quality food products. This increased demand will definitely place a burden on the industry and can only be met with sustainable growth from food producers.

PK Fertilizers recognizes this challenge and have made it our mission to promote a sustainable growth of the agriculture industry in Malaysia. Though it is a challenge and responsibility of the industry as a whole, we at PK Fertilizers will strive to play our part in helping to ensure a sustainable food supply for our nation and beyond.